The leaders of a successful organization will have recognized that the internal practices, policies, people, and production methods they engage in, are no longer separate from public relations, marketing, and how they will be viewed in the global community.
The success of any organization depends on the alignment, accuracy and intent of communication for the setup of systems, processes and people. And then for oversight and ongoing operations to account for not only the physical/financial elements, but for the impact of global and individual personnel issues on every part of logistics. If this framework is set up correctly, it will naturally provide a positive ongoing flow of good community interactions that are flexible in response and delivery. An organization that is truly capable of standing strong in the chaos of current world events will be the one that is wise enough to take every part of their functioning system into account.  

Many organizations will hire a marketing or public relations firm separately from internal analysts to increase revenue, or mitigate potential or ongoing bad press for an existing issue or incident; but that doesn’t solve the base-line problems. What is really needed is a professional analyst capable of assessing and fixing the alignment of all organization elements associated with that issue. This may include staffing, security, production, safety, logistics, business building or any number of other factors. The key is to identify every internal “pressure point” that’s causing an issue, or has the potential to cause one in the future. This assessment should then take into consideration all of the current societal and global stressors that will apply and give equal awareness of those factors to organizational setup and decision-making.

Tracey Mertens is an award-winning Organization Analyst & Communications Specialist with more than 25-years’ experience working with nonprofit, military and corporate entities to provide accurate assessment and problem-solving at all levels.  This is done with the intent of making the product/service/mission delivery more accurate, positive and profitable.

No matter the industry, product, or mission of an organization, Ms. Mertens provides assessment and solutions alignment that attends to everything from the smallest personnel shifts to integrated media that captures the strengths for broadcast. Always with an eye on shifting practices and structure to maintain a balanced budget, these assessments additionally provide “future casting” for awareness and strategic planning to mitigate correctable longer-term effects and impacts in areas that include:

  • Individual personnel selection & positioning
  • Employee group dynamics
  • Organization policy & procedures
  • Safety
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Physical office location and set up
  • Marketing & public relations programming and practices
  • Personnel training
  • Organizational structure & communication methods
  • External professional associations
  • Community relationships on regional and global levels
  • Global positioning and current factors having an impact

Multi-level Organization Assessment

Strategic Planning

Communications Alignment

Internal-External Issues Management

Project Coordination

Internal Pressure-point Identification

Global Positioning

Packaging for Media Broadcasting

Organization Assessment 
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No matter the product, service or mission, every organization requires attention to detail in the communications and framework; because those details will ultimately determine the percentage of success or failure.