The leaders of a successful organization will have recognized that the internal practices, policies, people, and methods they engage in, are no longer separate from public relations, marketing, and how they will be viewed in the global community.
The success of any organization depends on the alignment, accuracy and intent of communication for the setup of systems, processes and people. And then for oversight and ongoing operations to account for not only the physical/financial elements, but for the impact of global and individual personnel issues on every part of logistics. If this framework is set up correctly, it will naturally provide a positive ongoing flow of good community interactions that are flexible in response and delivery. An organization that is truly capable of standing strong in the chaos of current world events will be the one that is wise enough to take every part of their functioning system into account.  

Many organizations will hire a marketing or public relations firm separately from internal analysts to increase revenue, or mitigate potential or ongoing bad press for an existing issue or incident; but that doesn’t solve the base-line problems. What is really needed is a professional analyst capable of assessing and fixing the alignment of all organization elements associated with that issue. This may include staffing, security, production, safety, logistics, business building or any number of other factors. The key is to identify every internal “pressure point” that’s causing an issue, or has the potential to cause one in the future. This assessment should then take into consideration all of the current societal and global stressors that will apply and give equal awareness of those factors to organizational setup and decision-making.

No matter the industry, product, or mission of an organization, Ms. Mertens provides assessment and solutions alignment that attends to everything from the smallest personnel shifts to integrated media that captures the strengths for broadcast. Always with an eye on shifting practices and structure to maintain a balanced budget, these assessments additionally provide “future casting” for awareness and strategic planning to mitigate correctable longer-term effects and impacts in areas that include:

  • Individual personnel selection & positioning
  • Employee group dynamics
  • Organization policy & procedures
  • Safety
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Physical office location and set up
  • Marketing & public relations programming and practices
  • Personnel training
  • Organizational structure & communication methods
  • External professional associations
  • Community relationships on regional and global levels
  • Global positioning and current factors having an impact

Multi-level Organization Assessment

Strategic Planning

Communications Alignment

Internal-External Issues Management

Project Coordination

Internal Pressure-point Identification

Global Positioning

Packaging for Media Broadcasting

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No matter the product, service or mission, every organization requires attention to detail in the communications and framework; because those details will ultimately determine the percentage of success or failure.
Communications Strategy, 
Public Relations & 
Crisis Mitigation
Internal Organization Assessment & Issues Management
To find success in working with the public in any capacity requires a communications strategist that has a background well beyond working with the press, writing releases or social media experience.  These basics are only tools and contacts.  Broad spectrum situational awareness needs to be applied to each and every issue, crisis and project.  This includes taking into account psychology, security, local-to-global politics and public sentiment.  Legitimate community needs and issues must be balanced with practical, realistic and financially feasible solutions.  All of these factors must be taken into consideration in every situation, as well as having the experience to know when fair, protective measures need to be put in place to bring a halt to unreasonable public behaviors or access.  It's impossible to please everyone or solve every problem, but it is possible to work in the public realm with honesty and integrity matched with a methodology that disallows unreasonable behaviors and puts critical security mechanisms in place.  A positive, supportive and proactive communications plan can go a long way to avoiding a crisis or public anger rather than having to react later to mitigate the potential damage.
Tracey Mertens is an award-winning Public Relations, Communications & Crisis Mitigation Specialist

... and has been using her skills as both an analyst and operational director in a wide variety of organizations and situations to effect solutions.  Ms. Mertens has more than 25-years’ experience working with nonprofit, military, law enforcement and corporate entities to provide accurate assessment and problem-solving at all levels. This is done with the intent of making the product/project/communications connectivity/service/mission delivery and outcome more accurate, positive and profitable.  Though most client project work requires confidentiality, a few portfolio samples are provided here and experience includes:

  • Packaging news and complex stories for media including interviews, photography, video, and composing written articles/narratives for submission to major media organizations leading to successful international broadcast.
  • Award-winning Photographer and Video Production Producer/Director/Editor
  • Police Department External Communications Plan Creation & Ongoing Implementation
  • Major Event Planning, Coordination & Implementation
  • Merging Public Relations, Marketing, Security Factors and global dynamics in the Creation/Coordination of Communication Strategy Recommendations (CSR's) for projects and initiatives for an International Business Conglomerate.
  • Real Estate and Hospitality Industry Management, Operations, Marketing, and Public Relations including award-winning property in Kodiak, AK
  • Creation of a unique Destination Guide for Kodiak Island, AK
  • Previously the internal Communications Liaison/Director for an international conglomerate handling press conferences, media group staff coordination, PR/Security coordination for clients including an international Presidential Candidate.
  • International Hostage Crisis Communications Management & Implementation - DRC/Africa Incident
  • Public Affairs Consulting, Planning & Program Implementation for the United States Coast Guard 
  • Internal/External Mishap Incident Planning and Communications for the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Proactive Community Safety Educational Programming & Implementation for rural/village communities in Alaska in coordination with U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety/Search & Rescue
  • Child Protective Services/Law Enforcement Coordination including child safety plan creation, documentation for legal action, and implementation.
  • New business start-up/ongoing operations/staffing/marketing planning and implementation.
  • Multi-media platform & social media communications programming
  • Budget creation, accounting and oversight ranging from daily basic operations to multi-million dollar projects and operations.
Portfolio Elements & Samples
References available upon request
Working with the 
media, writing press releases, and engaging in social media are only tools.  Broad spectrum situational awareness should be applied to every issue; implementing security measures, understanding the politics, financial constraints and psychology.
Always Working Globally ~
With the speed of information connectivity and media, the world has shifted to an understanding that the best Public Relations and Crisis Mitigation Specialists are accessed and utilized globally even when applied locally.  Ms. Mertens consults and manages client projects remotely by coordinating with on-the-ground existing organization staff.  Clients may choose to set up a retainer for as-needed hourly consultation; work on a monthly fee basis for ongoing specific consulting/management/implementation; or via single project contract. 
Case Studies & Project Examples
Add an experienced PR and Crisis Mitigation Specialist to your team without adding another big salary to your payroll
Whether your organization works directly with the public or you guide clients that do, there is always a need for well thought-out public relations planning before projects, interactions, product launch or any other program is initiated. And when this proactive preparation is missing; or when unforeseen circumstances, issues and incidents arise; there is a critical need in every organization to have an experienced crisis mitigation and public relations specialist on-call to assist in initiating a careful response.

Ms. Mertens can be added to your management team and client consulting packages at a flat monthly base fee that includes several hours of consulting. Additional consultation and project hours can then be requested on an as-needed basis.
In chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect 

is the scientific awareness that a very small change in conditions can create a significantly different outcome. 

This is an important consideration in decision-making when applied to interaction with the public. Large and small factors in dynamic systems at all levels should be carefully considered in any response or plan.